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2015   The establishment of warehousing logistics center in Hong Kong, is responsible for the Asian electronic components logistics.

2014   Open the OBM management model and establish a global strategy;

2006   July 1 full implementation of ROHS standards.

2005    In the United States to set up offices, the scope of radiation expansion to North America.

2003   The establishment of the "KPJ Switch" electronic switch, "KPJ Connector" connector, "KPKJ Components" components of the three major industries parallel development.

2000   R & D USB, HDMI, micro USB, mini USB and other electronic components, as Asia's first R & D.

1996  "KPKJ Switch" in various industries are widely used.

1994   passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental certification system.

1992   in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places to establish the mainland's manufacturing base.

1992   the development of manufacturing base development blueprint, set up factories in Guangdong.

1984   KJKJ R & D team was formally established, marking the KJK's own R & D strength to a higher level.

1983   KPKJ first electronic components in Taiwan off the assembly line, marking the birth of KPKJ.