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Instructions for ordering a network

1. Before each model, there will be a □. If you are interested in this model, you can click it with the mouse in □, there will be v, the desired items click, press the " Sample "key, the selected items will be placed in the sample sheet (" Your selected items have been placed in the sample sheet! "Words).

2. From any screen, press the "View Selection" button to check which items are selected in the sample list.

3. In the Item List, you can enter the quantity in the Quantity field. After changing the quantity, press "Change Quantity" button to confirm the required quantity to facilitate the quotation. , View the details of the items.

4. In the item list, please input the unified serial number and password (please keep in mind), and select what kind of quotation, according to "sample list of items to confirm" button, will Enter the data confirmation screen, if the data is correct, press the "confirm" button, the system will automatically give a group of quotation numbers.

5. If you have not set up the basic data, after confirming the items and quantity, please press the "Sampling List Confirmation" button to enter the confirmation screen. Please fill in the basic data to facilitate the display of the quotation data and the serial number And the set password is the display data for entering the list confirmation.

6. If you want to return all the items you click, you can press the "Back All Selection" button on the screen.