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If you have KTJK switches and connectors for the required components

Join the supplier introduction

KTJK aims to establish mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with suppliers and to promote innovative ideas and practice best-in-class supply chain partnerships.

We are committed to strengthening our relationships with our partners and seeking the best partners to achieve products and services that meet the quality requirements of KPKJ at a more competitive cost price.

We encourage new suppliers to visit our website, learn about our "selected raw materials" and submit quotes online. All information will be kept confidential and our purchasing representatives will contact the successful bidders.

Quality of the insistence

As a leading manufacturer, KPKJ can only select suppliers to provide high-quality production materials and consumer goods as partners, so that we can continue to provide high-quality products to customers.

Environmental and social responsibility

Environmental and social responsibility is of paramount importance to us, and suppliers are chosen to be environmentally responsible and concerned about the safety of our employees.

We are committed to ensuring that our products are "free of harmful substances". This means that we expect suppliers to comply with RoHS and REACH requirements, but also the need to fully comply with environmental and hazardous substances control requirements.

We also insist that suppliers provide a safe working environment, respect and treat their employees, and adopt an environmentally responsible production process.