Industry related
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If you are in the field of electronic components have higher than the industry standard technology superior technology;

If you as an individual or company and KTJK hope in the field of electronic components to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation;

If you have components that we have not developed in the field of switches and connectors;

If you have a stable customer resources outstanding electronic components distribution company;


You are our partners;

We look forward to working with you to develop and KTJK to the world.

Qualification requirements

1, with a certain scale of operation and good operating results, with independent operation of the brand team of enterprises;

2, to provide industry reports in the field;

3, with the appropriate technical support capabilities, commitment to company training and assessment, to provide after - sales service for customers;

4, all products, technical information can not be infringed;

5, all promotional content can not have deceived customers and other acts;

6, in the field of good business reputation and good social relations;

7, to KPJK company to produce and submit business licenses and related qualification certificates.