Intelligent switches (such as touch switches, wireless remote control switch, Zigbee switch, etc.) is the future direction of development, but also the development of science and technology trends and products, KPKJ. The future of intelligent switch ...

In order to obtain the ideal power switch solutions, after years of basic research and technical research, KPKJ has been committed to the development of a series of single-line intelligent switch products for use of small modular power supply.


Low-power low-power power supply is mainly used in smart home execution units (such as smart switches, smart sockets) or small controller, in this area is usually the application of AC / DC power supply

(DC / DC) low-power products, the smallest application requirements may be less than 1W, the function of a slightly more complex products may be used 2W-5W power supply products. The requirements of the product has the following aspects:

(1) small size, easy to install in the standard shell;

(2) ultra-low power consumption, reduce the standby power consumption of the product or the smart switch of the fire phenomenon

(3) high efficiency, low heat;

(4) low failure rate, stable and reliable product quality is the primary factor.


With the improvement of people's living standard, KPKJ effectively improves the safety performance, intelligence, comfort, beauty and entertainment of transportation, electronic appliances, science and technology, environmental protection and so on. Appear just to meet these requirements.

In the future, we will improve safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving switching solutions for you, for home, for the world ...